When did this happen?

3-3-12 / A Blog by Amy Morton

Well, I got to see both performances at Hiram on Thursday, which was mostly providence because I definitely didn’t consciously realize the show was going up that day until half-way through my first class period. I didn’t even think I was going to be able to make it to the second showing at 4:15, but I ended up being able to. I almost missed it until a friend reminded me that I should probably go if I had the chance.

I have felt detached from the project this semester. Without our weekly debriefing meetings and without being a member of the cast or crew, I have definitely fallen out with the way our play progressed towards “finished” (which it is by no means yet.) Still, seeing the show on Thursday made me proud. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that I’ve written performed before, and I thought it was beautiful to see some of the scenes and monologues I wrote played out as though they were Cara or Alison’s actual words. I wouldn’t say it was moving–shocking, maybe.

And people seemed to like it. There was one area of issue that the audience at the second showing seemed to take criticism with, where our play kind of glassed over the medication / psychotherapy methods of autism therapy. They rejected the thought of a psychiatrist as necessary to an autistic person’s healthy development. And as a writer, I felt a little ashamed that our group had not done the topic justice. We were so driven by the characters in the show that we forgot about some of the circumstances and allowed their ambiguities to go unexplored. Clearly we were prepared to speak to the issue, because we did when we were asked, but we did not think to address it with the show itself, which is where it should have been examined.

Overall, though, I think the show will come along nicely on the road. I can’t wait to hear about how the schools’ students react, especially to the lesson plans I wrote.

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