Day 1 of Touring Ohio Complete

3-5-12 / A Blog by Brittany Jackson

We have been from Willoughby to Marietta and back to Hiram today.  We had two great performances.

The one event that sticks out the most from today was when at the Marietta performance, a young boy maybe around 7 or so asked us, the cast and crew of “It’s Okay” if we thought he was bad because he had Asperger’s.  We all resounded with a loud no on that one.  We told him he may have to overcome some obstacles in life, but that if anyone was bad, it was us as neurotypicals not willing or able to understand.  I am hoping he walked away with something positive.  It saddens me to think that at that young of an age, he already realizes or thinks there is something “wrong” with him.  There is nothing wrong with him, in fact, he is more beautiful than he’ll ever know.

Day 2 begins in about 6 hours, so I best get some rest!  Hope to see you tomorrow!

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