Day 2: A Day of High Schools

3-6-12 / A Blog by Brittany Jackson

Today, we had three performances.  Two in Sebring, Ohio at their high school and one at Grand River Academy in Ashtabula, an all boys school.

The first two went well, though we had to tease some questions out of them, but we had anticipated that and asked them questions too.  The second performance at Sebring was better, I think, and the students were actively engaged.  Another teacher had brought her special education class to see the show and they had a lot of positive comments to make.  The actors are doing great at answering questions, especially since we never know what kinds of questions we might get!

Grand River Academy’s students were great!  They were actively engaged, though I was worried at one point, because they all seemed to become restless at the same time, but that only lasted a moment.  Their questions were great and the actors asked them questions as well.  Hopefully it made an impression.  I believe their student body president may suffer from Asperger’s as well, but I did not get a chance to talk with him and get his impressions.

All in all, another great day and for once, back in Hiram by 9 p.m.  Tomorrow’s call to get on the road?  6 a.m.  Yeah, it’s going to be another long one, but a great one!

I hope to see you at the show tomorrow!

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