Day 3: The Day of Late

3-7-12 / A Blog by Brittany Jackson

This morning we started out on time and did well.  We performed in Findlay and had some of the best questions we’ve ever received.  The first being, “Next time, could you put a skunk it the play?”  The students we saw were inquisitive and bright and seemed to enjoy the show!  One even gave Cara a dime, because he liked her so much.  He also told her she was beautiful during the question and answer session.  The actors had fun too!

Then, time seemed to get away from us and we were in a race with the clock and the clock won, but not by much, because it turned out we were pushing the show back a half hour anyways at our next stop of Twinsburg High School.  The students there seemed to enjoy the show, though only one asked a question.  There is nothing wrong with that though!

Then our final stop for the evening was Twinsburg Public Library where we had an amazing audience and a great question and answer session!  I loved it!

Tomorrow, we have a late start, but I have a phone interview with TK1270 in Marysville at 7:30 a.m.  Hopefully all will go well!  On to YSU and Marysville tomorrow!  I hope to see you there!

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