It’s all over and the show went well

3-18-12 / A Blog by Allison Fox

Touring was the biggest reward I could have asked for!  I was so vallidated by the question and answer sessions.  We recieved a lot of comments like I could see my son/nephew/grandson/cousin represented exactly in this show.  Several parents said that we captured some issues they had faced during thier child’s life.  Everytime we were asked where else we were performing, or told venues that the audience thought would benefit from the show, I was encouraged more that we were helping change stigmas and spread awearness.

Through this process I also developed a new definition of aware.  I used to think that being aware of something was simply knowing of its existance.  I’ve since discovered that awareness is a true understanding of what something is.  That means knowing how it changes someone’s life.  An important part of being aware of autism is knowing how to respond to people who have it and learning how to seperate a person from his or her disorder.

I could not be more proud of everyone involved.  It was an amazing experience and, as Brittany and I discussed in the van after our last show, we think this is probably just the begining.

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